Disappointing spam of the day

The hits just keep on coming. Sitting in my inbox is the subject line:

"Someone has invited you"

from one PBL.

On opening, the body of the message turns out to be:

"Someone has invited you to play bingo."

They weren't even excited enough to use an exclamation mark. I'm going to bed.

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Most of the time the poundshop is filled with tatty knock offs imported cheaply from Turkmenistan, but everyone once in a while you find a gem. This is not one of those times.
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Memory Run (1996)

Memory Run, or Synapse as it seems to be called in America, is in fact not a low budget sequel to Johnny Mnemonic (oh how good that could have been), but instead tells the story of body crime, in a future time.
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Final Impact

Lorenzo Lamas isn't totally incapable of acting, as he has shown in various other projects, but Final Impact tries to be a drama and a kickboxing movie and is entirely unsatisfactory as both.
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Amazon are trying to sell this with the description "The boundaries between real life and fantasy becomes blurred when Robbie and Amy play night games...", which may give you the wrong impression about the kind of action this movie contains.
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